It has been a long number of weeks of development but we have finally launched the Gambit protocol on 28 April 2021.

Since Gambit’s mainnet launch, the protocol has handled 61,448,803 USD of trading volume and collected 79,826.79 USD in fees.

More details on the fee distribution:

Of the 79,826.79 USD, 7982.679 USD will be distributed as ETH rewards to all XVIX stakers in the following proportions:

These additional fees have multiplied the ETH reward APRs by 2.78x for all stakers.

We greatly appreciate the support from the XVIX community as we continue working to increase the adoption of Gambit and the fees generated!

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The XVIX-GMT Swap will end on 4 March 2021 at 7 AM (GMT+0), if you would like to swap XVIX for GMT, please complete the swap before this time:

X2 rewards will continue for this week with another 6000 USD in ETH being distributed:

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The XVIX-Gambit Swap is now live!

XVIX holders will be the first to be able to purchase GMT tokens.

The tokens can be purchased with XVIX, XVIX/ETH UNI or XLGE tokens.

The purchase price is set at 4.50 USD per GMT token, the same as the presale price.

The listing price of GMT will be 5 USD per token.

Note that the purchased GMT tokens are non-transferrable IOU tokens, the actual tokens will be distributed to your address on Binance Smart Chain when the presale ends.

The presale could end as early as 4 Mar 2021, so the swap from XVIX tokens to GMT could be closed by then as well. We will give a notice of 24 hours before the swap ends.

Purchase GMT:

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This is a long update, but we feel that all the information here is important so we’ve put it all in one place.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the future of XVIX, looking into solutions for high gas fees and researching projects in the DeFi space to…

ETH rewards for X2 are back!

The staking UI for X2FS has been completed, you can now stake your X2FS tokens on the Stake page.

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To thank all users of the X2 protocol, we have airdropped X2 FeeSplit tokens for the 3X ETH/USD market to anyone who did a trade on X2 between 13 Dec 2020 and 27 Jan 2021, 4pm (GMT+0).

A total of 5000 tokens were sent. The amount of tokens per user was determined based on the total volume of trades for the user.

The data used to calculate the amounts can be found here:

The transactions sending out the tokens:

As the ETH gas fees are high currently, we will be waiting a while before deploying the staking contract which will distribute 5% of X2 fees on the 3X ETH/USD market to all the staked 3X ETH/USD X2FS tokens.

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The X2 Trading Competition is Live Now!

The competition will last 3 weeks starting from 2 Feb 2021,12pm (GMT+0) and ending on 23 Feb 2021, 12pm (GMT+0).

Only trades on the 3X ETH/USD market will be considered for this competition.

NOTE: Due to concerns from the community and the competition…


XVIX is a token that absorbs value from volatility.

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