XVIX:GMX Migration now Live

The migration to GMX is live! You can now swap your XVIX, XVIX/ETH and XLGE tokens on https://xvix.finance/migrate.

To migrate:

  • Click on the “Migrate” button for the token you want to migrate

To ensure the migration was successful, check that the “Your wallet: …” value at the top of the page shows the expected amount of GMX tokens.

Each GMX will have a starting price of 2 USD.

The following conversion rates will be fixed for the migration:

  • XVIX: 29.17 USD, 14.585 GMX per XVIX

Migration of XVIX/ETH LP tokens is optional, the tokens can be split into their individual tokens and you can choose the migrate only the XVIX tokens.

The cap for XVIX/ETH LP tokens is 785, if this cap is reached you can split the LP tokens into XVIX and ETH and migrate the XVIX tokens, there is no cap for migration of XVIX and XLGE tokens.

Note that XVIX/ETH LP tokens will automatically be split into XVIX and ETH tokens when they are deposited into the migration contract.

If you have XVIX tokens in the Timelock vault, you should initiate a withdrawal and perform the migration 7 days after.

If you have tokens staked in https://xvix.finance/stake, you must unstake your tokens before migrating.

Migrations after 6 Jul 2021 will be manually processed, migrations will be processed only for tokens bought before 14 Jul 2021.

Users who migrate after GMX trading has begun will receive their GMX tokens 4 weeks after they complete the migration.

We aim to deploy the updated Gambit V2 contracts on Arbitrum mainnet on 14 Jul 2021, trading of GMX tokens will begin once Arbitrum is open to the public.


Source code: https://github.com/xvi10/x2-contracts/tree/master/contracts/gmx

All migrated tokens will be held in the migration contract, any withdrawal from the migration contract must first be initiated by the XVIX Deployer and co-signed by two out of three multi-sig holders.

The multi-sig holders for the migration will be:

Original GMX proposal and motivation for this migration: https://gov.gambit.financial/t/merge-all-tokens-into-one-and-launch-in-a-big-way-on-arbitrum/59

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XVIX is a token that absorbs value from volatility. https://xvix.finance/

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