XVIX Staking is Live

Keeping to our roadmap, the staking of XVIX tokens goes live today!

You can stake your XLGE, XVIX/ETH UNI LP and XVIX tokens through the staking page.

To ensure everyone has sufficient time to stake and not miss out on any fee distribution, the fees for X2 will be accumulated this week and distribution will start next week.

Fees of 0.2% for every buy and sell will be turned on for the X2 protocol in 24 hours.

Fees will be distributed as follows:

  1. XLGE:ETH — 30%
  2. XVIX/ETH Uniswap LP — 50%
  3. Burn Reduction Vault — 10%
  4. Timelock Vault — 5%
  5. Dev Fund — 5%
  1. Go to the staking page
  2. Click on XLGE:ETH
  3. Stake your tokens
  1. IMPORTANT: Add liquidity through the dashboard page
  2. Adding liquidity through this page will not incur the 0.5% burns on transfer
  3. After adding liquidity, go to the staking page
  4. Click on XVIX/ETH UNI
  5. Stake your tokens
  1. Tokens deposited in the NEW Burn Reduction Vault and Timelock Vault will be automatically staked
  2. Check the dashboard page for your tokens
  3. If your tokens are in “Burn Reduction Vault (Old)” or “Timelock Vault (Old)”, then you will need to withdraw your tokens from those vaults
  4. After the tokens have been withdraw, deposit your tokens through the dashboard page
  5. All deposits will automatically go to the new vaults and will automatically stake your tokens

A new home page has been created for XVIX with stats on the floor price and X2 trading volumes.

Some interesting stats:

  1. The floor price has increased 8.69x against ETH in the last 51 days
  2. Generally the large jumps in floor price are when minting occurs, but even without minting in the last 35 days, the floor price has increased by ~14%, that’s about 147% annualised
  3. Since the launch of X2 36 days ago, ~800 ETH or ~1.14 million USD has been traded on the platform

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XVIX is a token that absorbs value from volatility. https://xvix.finance/